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Track quests, maps, create in-game shops, NPCs, inventories, encounters, kingdom-building tools, custom calendars and timeline events and more, all in one central online hub for your party. Nothing to download. Chronica brings campaign tracking right to your browser, making it easy for your whole party to use. Get your members involved both in and out of game sessions, and immerse them in your world. View all of our features

Why use Chronica to manage your tabletop campaign?

Streamlined Sharing

No more confusing and messy cloud docs shared between members. Streamline your campaign tracking into a central and private hub, visible to everyone in your party.

Party Tools

Each player has an account to access your campaign, and permissions for each player can be set to gain access to various features. Make it easier for party members to participate!

Multitude of Features

With features like Maps, NPC Codex, Quest Log, Kingdom Building Tools, Campaign Shops, Encounter Tracking, and more, Chronica helps track your adventures so you can focus on the fun.

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The flexiblility of our campaign tracking can be used for almost any tabletop game.

Chronica is adaptable to many game systems, including D&D, PFRPG, Homebrew, and many more, and is constantly evolving. View our full list of Features

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We have players from all over the world, using Chronica for over 300 types of game systems.

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