A Glance at 2021 March 02, 2021

So far in patch 1.8 we have made some much needed updates to a few of our oldest features. Kinships got an overhaul with stats and new rankings and a cache/vault system. Districts can be further customized with new backgrounds, additional plots, labels, etc. Patch 1.8 also contained a ton of quality of life upgrades like image library filters, wealth tracking logs, multiple character inventory and wealth tracking, updates to containers and shops, and more.

We are still making our way through our extensive list of user requests, feature updates, and notes. Our development is very dynamic and has a tendency to shift based on feedback. Right now however, we are continuing to focus on updating current feature usability instead of introducing anything 100% new. We want to make it easier and more intuitive to add bulk data like stats, abilities, and item libraries. We'd like our maps feature to be much more usable and quick to update. We are continuing to add simpler or quicker ways to edit content, especially in multiples (i.e. multi-item select).

While we have been in patch 1.8 for some time already, we feel there are more usability updates that need done, so we will continue on here for now. We have some exciting ideas scoped out for 1.9 however, and hope to include things like Campaign Development tracking, Calendars and Timelines, and Stronghold tracking.

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