New year, hello 2024! January 13, 2024

With development so busy, make sure you always check for the most recent updates on our Discord or Twitter! That being said, it's already a new year, and the last one went QUICK. We made a huge server move off our old host, giving us some breathing room to develop with more control over our platform. We also released our massive custom calendar and developments patch last year which is getting a lot of great use, and added a huge batch of images to our library among a number of quality of life updates. We also gave the Stats admin a solid UI update in the hopes to make it more useable for folks. What's in store for this year?

This year we've got quite the list to get through! We want to finish Weather and Moon phases on our calendars, move Kinship and Domain stats over to the main Stat admin, and get our Stronghold manager polished and deployed. We are also constantly looking to streamline and clean up usability. Time permitting, we've been doing some groundwork on a Family Tree / Ancestry feature to really bring those Kinships to life with relationship mapping.

As always, thank you all for being such an amazing part of Chronica, we could never do it without you all!

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