Beta has launched! November 01, 2018

Chronica beta has officially launched! All accounts have been sent out. If you signed up but did not get your account, please feel free to contact us. As is the nature of a beta, we had a few bugs pop up with the sudden influx of users. If you had some trouble right after launch, we encourage you to please try again! We will also be posting updates to Chronica bug fixes on our twitter, so follow us there to stay informed!

Many of you have sent in some feedback already, we promise we are reading everything that comes in, even if we don't get a chance to respond. We value your time and input! We want to make Chronica useable for as many campaign styles as possible, so it's very helpful to hear about which features you plan on utilizing and how we can make them better. Each beta group has been assigned a creature name for identification. It is our goal to send out awards for groups that go above and beyond in testing our application.

See you out there!

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