Community Forums are here! November 20, 2018

A feature that has been on our to-do list for some time has finally arrived. Multiple requests from beta users prompted us to move it up our list, and we are happy to say the Chronica Forums are launched! Only beta users can post right now, since posting requires a Chronica account. However, anyone is able to view and read the forums. Currently there are four different message boards for topics. If you have an idea for an additional board or if your topic does not fit into the boards available, please reach out to us!

We have spent the last couple weeks reading beta feedback, fixing bugs, making UI tweaks, and just working hard in general. Head over to our Change Log to see what we have been up to in more detail. If there is a feature you are struggling to use or a feature you wish you had, please fill out a Feature Request or Comment form. We want to provide a great user experience, and we can only do that with your feedback.

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