Custom Calendars are Launched! Next up is Stronghold Manager! February 10, 2023

We've launched our custom Fantasy Calendar feature, finally, along with our massive Developments and Timeline patch, open to all members across all tiers. We were so, so excited to finally see it go public and hope you are all enjoying it. We have already deployed a couple hotfix patches for minor things, and will continue to monitor and new reports that come in, though we are looking ahead on our development map to the next mega-feature patch which will be the Stronghold Manager.

Full transparency, it is possible that the Stronghold Manager will be only available on our paid tiers. We spent much of the last year developing the massive complexity of the customizable calendars and the developments, but wanted to make sure it was available on ALL tiers, as the functionality of tracking developments is too crucial to running a campaign. While almost all of our features are available on the free tier, we also need to keep the lights on and new amazing content on the way for you all! :) We'll keep everyone posted with news, and feedback is always welcome.

The Stronghold Manager will offer campaign tracking for things like forts, keeps, ships, etc, without having to adapt the Cities/Districts tool to do so. We are also looking to include things like army tracking, stats, supplies, etc.

Aside from the Stronghold Manager, we have some smaller features on the horizon like an Image Library for the Places and Campaign Shops features, getting some new image sets in, making some updates to the Character Stats and Abilities for user-friendliness, and other quality of life updates. As always, we encourage users to join our Discord for the most up-to-date news and posts, or follow our Twitter for maintenance announcements. Thank you and we hope you are all as excited as we are, for the great year to come!

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