Custom Calendars Under Development! January 03, 2023

Hello everyone! We realize we do not get a chance to update our news blog as much as we'd like. For the most up to date news, please consider joining our Discord or follow our change log! :) On that note, our custom calendar feature has been promised for some time now, and while it was more complicated than we anticipated, we have made huge progress! This feature will be launched in the next couple months and is currently slotted to be available on any tier.

You will be able to create custom calendars for your campaign with options like custom years, months, weeks, weekdays. You can set recurring holidays or events every N number of years, months, or days, or set names for your years.

This will also be launched with our Developments feature, allowing you to track timeline events which will display on your new calendar or in a list or timeline view. These can be color coded with all sorts of data attached to them like characters, places, and quests. We hope this upcoming feature helps organize your campaign developments and makes tracking even more enjoyable!

Looking forward to 2023!

Chronica Team

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