Getting ready for Patch 1.3.0! March 25, 2019

Hello everyone, we have a lot of exciting things planned for April features and updates! We are wrapping up patch 1.2.0 with a batch of player requests and UI tweaks for usability. Next up, we are looking at two larger features that we have been discussing for a while now. We wanted to go a bit more in depth so you get a feel for what is in store for you:


With our new (under development) Places feature, you will be able to create a place (Ex: Space Station Dublin) with a name, description, notes, image, etc. Then you will be able to add additional places within, getting as granular as you'd like. (Ex: Space Station Dublin > Residential Quarter > Apartment 221b) Each place will have all of the info panels for you to build out your world in as much or little detail as you prefer. In addition, Places will link directly with our other big feature this patch... Encounters!


We are looking to develop functionality that will enable you to build and track session encounters. Add characters from your NPC codex, loot tables, notes and more, on a GM "bulletin board" for easy reference during your gameplay.

You will also be able to add Encounters to your Places. That way, you will have those notes available and organized as your players travel to different areas.

Other Changes

We are updating the left navigation panel to streamline it and cut out some clutter. As we add more features, it does not make sense for some things to get prominent space in the nav (listing out maps and shops). We have moved those items into their own display pages in order to condense it down.

These features are just the beginning as we take some time to focus on world-building tools. We have so much more planned and we are excited to continue working with such a great community!

As always, we appreciate your feedback and bug reports! Catch us on twitter and discord for additional information and conversations.

-Adam Community Manager

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