Lots of Great Feedback January 18, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! We have a sudden influx of new feedback so I just wanted to post about some things are are looking into:

  1. We are still tweaking the tier structure that is on the website in terms of File Size allowances and Seats per table. It has come to our attention that very large tables are not as uncommon as we thought.
  2. We are happy to announce we will be implementing a multi-GM feature as it was widely requested. It should make it in before launch.
  3. An annual subscription option (v.s. monthly) will be coming as soon as we can, though may not make it right away at launch.
  4. We are looking into an Export feature to export your campaign data. We do have server back-ups running. This will probably come in after launch.
  5. Future features (after launch) that we are actively developing: Places and Encounter tracking!

We have a lot of feedback and suggestions coming in and we read them all. We really appreciate your excitement and comments!

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