March 2022 Progress Update March 22, 2022

Hello everyone! Just an update on our progress. The "Developments" part of the calendars is pretty much ready to go. Developments are the events you can create that will sit on a timeline and weave your stories together. The "Calendar" is well under way. We have custom months, weekdays, years, and all of that is displaying correctly. I have weather and lunar events coded as a separate module that I need to connect in.

After that, it needs the polish and usability testing. Rearranging the forms and process to make sense on a user-standpoint. Adding in quality of life features to the forms and inputs. We understand these are lacking on some of our old features because we get excited to release them for you all and promise ourselves -- we will add that multi-add / delete after! Promise! Well, then we get too excited to move to the next thing for you. Going forward, we want to fully polish one feature before we move on, so you don't end up with "Well this is great but I sure wish I could X."

In addition to that, while working on Developments, we decided to update our rich text editor. It has been a trooper since Chronica was released, but it is no longer maintained, and we are feeling that lack of maintenance more and more. Text editors are such a core feature for writing content, and when it is frustrating to use, that hurts. Our primary goal was finding something where we did not lose a single current feature of our editor now. We also want to keep all formatting as close as possible during the shift, because we absolutely understand that some of you have been formatting your journals/quests/items in specific ways, and wish to keep that "look".

We are real happy with the new editor so far! Some new buttons that will be coming for you: Undo, Redo, Emoji, Horizontal Line!!!, CODE view, **twice** as many color buttons (and better colors), Fonts, Full Screen.

Needless to say, we are excited. Thank you all for being part of Chronica!

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