On to Patch 1.4.0! April 30, 2019

With the launch of our new Dice Roller, we have closed the lid on patch 1.3 and are officially moving onto 1.4! Patch 1.4 will mainly focus on usability upgrades and changes, as well as updating some of our older features. We have organized all of our current user feedback into lists and will be pushing patches up quite frequently as we cross things off.

As always, our Discord server ( as well as our forums are open for feedback and suggestions. We try to check them as often as possible, even if we do not respond to everyone, we track suggestions and record feedback.

User feedback is extremely important to us! We cannot provide the best experience if we do not know what is frustrating or difficult to use. We do our best to design and test Chronica as we develop, but it is not at all the same as using it during a fast-paced real game session. That is when the pain points really come out! By communicating those to us, we can continue to make tweaks for usability and provide a truly epic product.

Thank you so much to all of our subscribers and members, we hope this patch really brings some extra polish to Chronica and makes your campaigns even more fun to manage!

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