Patch 1.4.11 - Organize your Online Campaign! June 02, 2019

We are still working through patch 1.4, which consists of updates throughout Chronica for quality of life, greater organization, and even better usability. We will continue adding more folder / organization options and we have begun mapping out the process of copying or using a template campaign to duplicate data much quicker across new set-ups.

Buildings have been renamed to Plots! You will find all your current buildings in the new Plot Catalog. We are working on making the Kingdom Building tools more widely usable by making terminology less specific. We have many members that have been using the Districts tool is very creative ways (not just buildings!), so we want to make it more intuitive to do things like that.

Our campaign is using the district tool to construct a secret base. We use interior room tiles as the plot images. As players we are able to purchase and construct new plots in the base, or upgrade existing plots. Upgraded shops carry more inventory, upgraded barracks can hold more allies. It adds a lot of flavor to our adventure and another goal to work towards. (Interior tiles below are not from our image library.)

We also had a user submit their district that was being used for farmland. They uploaded vegetable and fruit images into the plot catalog and could then "plant" them in their district. We love how creative you guys are!

Please keep the feedback coming, we love how Chronica is evolving and we want to provide the best experience possible.

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