Our Next Few Patches Planned February 28, 2019

Hello Players! The first month has been very busy and entertaining to say the least! We have a lot of plans for the next few months and wanted to give you guys our Roadmap for the next three patches we have planned. Please note that these are subject to change. Thank you everyone for the encouragement and support with launching Chronica, we have a great member base and are excited to keep on bringing you more content! -- Adam, Community Manager

Patch 1.1.0 Get me those stats… STAT!

Player & NPC Stats and Abilities

  • Added Character Stats and Abilities to Player and NPCs. Stats are used when you want global variables but custom values per character. (Ex. Health) Abilities are used when you have global variables with the same value across characters. (Ex. Low-light Vision) You can customize how stats and abilities show on your character pages. The names, order, and description can be completely customized to what you need.
  • Character Flair is used when Stats and Abilities won’t work. It allows you to give a custom variable with a custom value on a per-character basis.

Association Codex

  • This new feature gives another codex to your Campaign Overview. In this Codex you can add Families, Clans, Organizations, Religions, etc to your Campaign. Much like the NPC and Player Codex, you can add the name, image (banner, crest, symbol, etc), description, location, etc.)
  • Linking Characters to Associations and quick links in Associations to NPCs or Players in the Codex. 


  • Added News Blog to User Dashboard
  • Added Change Log to User Dashboard

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that was not allowing new City Stats to be created.
  • If no value is entered under City Census stats, they will not appear. We are working to make these customizable in the future
  • Removed double error messages from district show page
  • Fixed bug that was displaying incorrect character death status
  • Fixed bug in Districts that was not saving the correct cell number when you created a new construction but select a different cell in the dropdown menu
  • and more!

Patch 1.2.0 Mixed Bag (Planned - subject to change)

  • Dice Roller - Global Dice Roller the group can use for their game
  • Hidden Quests - Allow the GM of a game to hide quests to set up for games without player knowledge.
  • Journal Visibility - Allowing the journal to be hidden from just players not Game Master. 
  • Inventory Access - Allow Game Masters to see player inventories and wealth.

Patch 1.3.0 Places and Encounters (Planned - subject to change)

  • We are developing tracking for Places and Encounters which we hope will become a powerful tool for GMs to run their game sessions more smoothly. You will have the ability to create Places (Ex: Navadiir Forest) and that Place can contain other Places (Ex: Bandit Camp) as well as multiple Encounters (Ex: Bandit Attack 1). Within the Encounters you will be able to add NPCs, Items for loot, descriptions and notes, etc.
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