Patch 1.3 is Almost Complete! April 12, 2019

We have officially launched both Places and Encounters! We also ended up including Entities with this patch because it fit so well with our Encounters feature. Now you can add and track generic mobs similar to your NPC Codex. We still have changes coming in for patch 1.3 including the Battle Screen and other tweaks as we get feedback.

All of these features are available on any of our paid subscription tiers. Because of the extensive development that went into this patch, we had decided early on that they would become premium features. We still strive to provide an excellent free experience on our Peasant tier, but as a company we need to also keep our running costs in consideration. As future features roll out, we will always try to find a balance between the two.

We want to extend a sincere thank you to ALL our members. You are all providing excellent feedback, suggestions, and reports, which help us steer development towards what our users want most. As always, we are open to comments, or join our discord server for frequent updates.

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