Server Upgrade! June 04, 2020

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for sticking with us through the long maintenance this morning and the couple bumps this afternoon while the dust settled. We have moved all of Chronica onto a more scaleable service, which will allow us to handle more traffic and growth. We also made a lot of back-end updates which are needed in order to finish the dynamic linking patch and future updates.

We are so excited to finally have these big back-end updates finished so we can continue working on fun new features. Please keep the feedback and feature requests coming, we read every single one. Feature requests made via this form go directly to our development document, where they get sorted, discussed, and scheduled.

We hit a few roadblocks with the dynamic linking patch, but this was a big step forward. We will keep everyone updated on our Discord and twitter. Thank you for being part of Chronica, we love you all!

The best,


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