27.0 Abilities & Ability Types

Abilities & Ability Types are used along with our other features, Character Stats & Stat Types and Flair, to create character sheets that can be used within Chronica.

Abilities are used to add global variables to characters, where the value does not change between characters. (Ex: a spell like Magic Missiles where the description is the same for anyone with the same spell.) You'll be able to choose which Abilities show up on each character page.

Similar to stats above, you will need to create an Ability Type first. Click the green "New Ability Type" button in the top right of the Character Abilities admin page to start! Ability Types can also be marked secret to hide contents from players.

Abilities and Ability Types can be sorted by clicking and dragging the small square grid icons.

27.1 Ability Types

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27.2 Abilities

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