3.0 Subscriptions & Payments

To manage all of your subscriptions in one place, click the orange "Your Subscriptions" button on your user dashboard. This will take you to your main subscriptions page. Here you will find each campaign that you own, along with the subscription tier and the billing information for that subscription. Subscriptions are per campaign, and not per account. This allows you to run as many campaigns as you need, all with no limitations on features, without paying per user.

Click a campaign name in the left Subscriptions box (or the green "Edit Subscription" buttons in the panels) to view the full page for that campaign subscription. In the full view, you can manage the campaign tier, view invoices for this campaign, and see when the next payment will be charged. In the "Change Subscription Tier" panel, click the blue "Update/Downgrade Information" button to open a modal with additional notes that may answer any questions you have.

If you have any additional questions or if you think something went wrong when you upgraded or downgraded your tier, please get in touch with us at support@chronica.ventures.

3.1 Billing Information

All of your subscriptions use a single billing method. You can change your billing information by clicking your username in the top bar, click "Account Settings" in the dropdown menu, and then click the "Billing Information" link in the left navigation.

To remove your payment method, you will first need to set all campaign subscriptions to the free "Peasant" tier. We cannot remove a payment method if you have any active subscriptions. Once this is done, please email us at hello@chronica.ventures and we will remove your payment method as soon as possible, generally within 48 hours. We will email you a confirmation that this has been done.

3.2 Payment History

To access your payment history, click your username in the top bar, click "Account Settings" in the dropdown menu, and then click the "Payment History" link in the left navigation. Here you will find a list of all invoices associated with each campaign subscription. You can download the invoice PDF by clicking "View Paid Invoice".

3.3 Remove Payment Method

If you would like your payment method removed from Chronica, please contact us at hello@chronica.ventures and we will respond and delete it from our system within 48 hours. Please set all current campaign subscriptions you have to the Peasant tier in order to stop recurring charges from trying to process. This will allow us to process your request faster.