21.0 Item Library

We will update this guide as soon as possible, but a few bullet points to get started are below!

  1. Create or add items to your campaign item library and then pull from this library any time to quickly stock up shops or players with loot.
  2. Access the Item Library in the campaign left navigation.
  3. There is a new admin permissions role called ItemLibrarian. This role can be added to your players by editing their player settings, and gives them access to editing the Item Library (except for secret folders or containers). Any player will be able to copy items from the item library, but only ItemLibrarians will have admin controls.
  4. Item Library is searchable by clicking the orange Search button at the top.
  5. Item Library can have both folders and containers for organization. You can copy an entire container to another inventory from the Item Library by clicking the blue View Container button near the desired container. This is useful if you create starter kits for your players or have loot boxes, etc.
  6. Populate your new Item Library more quickly using the "Clone to Item Library" button. Click an existing item to open the view modal window, then click the small orange copy button in the top right.
  7. The Item Library is included in the Campaign Data Clone feature so you can clone your item library to other campaigns.