5.0 Cloning Campaign Data

You can clone data from one campaign to another which allows you to more quickly set up a new campaign. Our Discord has a #campaign-templates channel where users can communicate and work together on game system templates for cloning. You can access the clone page by clicking the orange Clone Campaign Data button on your user dashboard.

  1. For the campaign to appear in your "Clone from" dropdown, you must either own the campaign, or be a player in the campaign with Campaign Clone Permissions set to "yes". The Game Owner can change the campaign clone permissions on the campaign edit screen.
  2. If you play multiple campaigns within the same gameset, some users find it helpful to create a template campaign that they can clone from for all future campaigns. See the subguide Creating a Template Campaign below for more information.
  3. Some data may only be cloned with other data, you will see a bulleted list when selecting what to clone.
  4. Data that is only accessible on certain tiers (Ex: Entities) may still be cloned, but will only be accessible on campaigns with the appropriate tier. Once you upgrade, you will see the cloned entities.
  5. Items or Entities cloned with images selected from our Image Library will have images reset to default if the end campaign does not have access to the image library.
  6. We are working on adding more clone options, but are starting those that are requested most.


When re-cloning the same dataset (with some updates) to a campaign, you will have the choice to:

  1. copy only new records and ignore previously cloned data OR
  2. copy new records and overwrite previously cloned data

When cloning, it only checks against the origin ID of the object (the object it was cloned from), and not the name or description, etc. Please keep this in mind. For example, if you clone stats from two different campaigns that both contain some of the same stat names (Agility, Health, etc.), you may end up with duplicate information.

  1. If you are cloning Entities with overwrite data checked, the entity is completely overwritten including selected abilities and stat data.
  2. If you are cloning the Item Library, overwrite is applied on each object separately. This means, for example, if you have new items on the end campaign, but the container those items are in is overwritten, those items will still remain in the new overwritten container.
  3. When cloning objects with images selected from the Image Library, the campaign you are cloning to must have access to the Image Library or those images will be reset. The Image Library is available on our Knight, Monarch, and Deity tiers.

5.1 Creating a Template Campaign

There is actually nothing special to do when creating a template campaign! Simply create a campaign as normal, and populate with your stats, abilities, etc. Then, you will be able to clone this campaign data to any of your new campaigns to get up and running much faster.

You can also check out our #campaign-templates channel on Discord to see if someone has a template you can join and use. We are looking into a user-driven template catalog for the future where you can go and clone campaigns that users are maintaining and offering to the public, but we do not have a set schedule for this feature.