26.0 Stat Groups & Stats

Stat Groups and Stats are used along with our other features, Abilities & Ability Types and Flair, to create character sheets (or track stats on other features) within Chronica. They can also be cloned from other campaigns, if you have set them up previously, or check our Discord #campaign-templates channel to see if another user has one you can clone. You can find the stat admin section in the left navigation, towards the bottom, under Admin Settings.

Stats are used to add global variables to all characters, but with custom values specific to each character. (Ex: All characters track Health or Sanity, but they have different values per character.) You can also use stats to add additional profile info like Temperament, Hair Color, Favorite Food, etc. You can customize which stat types appear on which characters using Profile Templates.

Change the Order of Stat Groups and Stats

You can drag and drop stat groups and stats within the Stat Groups and Stats admin page, your stats will be grouped into panels by their stat group. You can sort stat groups by clicking and dragging the 'handle' icon to the left of the name within each folder. The order is saved automatically as you drag-and-drop.

26.1 Stat Groups

Creating a Stat Group

Before you can add any stats, you will first need to add a Stat Group. Do this by clicking the green "New Stat Group" button in the top right of the Stat Groups and Stats admin page. Groups allow you to organize stats into boxes for your profiles.

All you need for the form is a name. Click the "Secret?" toggle to hide this group and all stats within this type from players. This will prevent your players from seeing stats that should not be public. You can use the "Private?" toggle to add stat groups that are visible only to DMs and the owner of the object (ex. a player's own character). Private groups will be hidden to everyone else.

Once created, you will see three buttons in the top right of the stat type panel. Starting with the orange button on the left, "Clone Stat Group and all its Stats", allows you to duplicate the entire stat group with all stats. This could also be useful if you have a basic Stat Group template that you wish to duplicate out for the rest of your stats.

Editing a Stat Group

The next button in the top right of the stat type panel is Edit Stat Group. Click this to open the modal where you can change the settings or delete it.

Delete a Stat Group

Warning: If you delete a stat group, all stats within that group are deleted, along with any data associated with those stats. This means any character, entity, etc using those stats will no longer see them on their profiles. This cannot be undone, as that data is lost forever. To delete a stat group (and all stats it contains), click the small green pencil icon button labeled Edit Stat Group in the top right of the panel and then click the red "Delete Stat Group" button.

26.2 Stats

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