24.0 Currencies & Wealth

Setting up currency will allow you to track party and player wealth, and should only take a minute or two. It will also allow you to add values to items and prices in your shops. You only need to set up Currency once and it will be available across your whole campaign. Denominations are customizable so you can create them to fit your game system.

Only a Game Master can see and manage the Currencies link. Once in your campaign, in the left navigation under Game Master Settings, click Currency.

To add a new denomination, click the green "New Currency Denomination" button in the top right. Set up currency as it will work best for your party. If your game includes a super high-value currency (Ex. platinum) that members don't often track, feel free to leave it out and stick with tracking larger sums of gold instead.

24.1 Setting Up Currency

Setting up currency will open up other features throughout Chronica, and should only take a moment! With currency set up, your players will be able to track their player wealth, sell items from their inventory, and buy items from shops.

  1. Start with the largest currency in your game that will be used by players and give it a name (Ex. gold) and a ratio of 1 (since it would have a 1:1 ratio with itself).
  2. Create the next highest currency (Ex. silver). Its ratio will be the quantity needed to equal the first highest currency (Ex. 10).
  3. Create the next highest currency (Ex. copper) down the line until you are done. The 'ratio' will always be the quantity it takes to be equal to your highest currency (Ex. 100 copper to make 1 gold or 10 silver to make 1 gold).

Set-up Examples

This example is common in D&D:


This example is common with games like Pathfinder:


24.2 Tracking Wealth

Once Currency is set up, players can begin tracking their party and personal wealth. Currency will convert automatically into the correct denominations. If you add, for example, 253 silver to your player wealth, it will convert it to 25 gold and 3 silver. This is because your wealth is actually stored in Chronica as a single whole number.

There have been some requests to keep entered values as-is to allow players to carry (for example) 2000 copper. This is something we are looking into, but we have no set date for its completion.