23.0 File Hub & Storage

Our File Hub for storage is available on Knight or Monarch tiers. You can still access other parts of the file hub on our other subscription tiers. Each campaign has a storage limit for uploaded files and images. You can see this limit by clicking "File Hub" in the left navigation.

We break it down into Storage Files and Integrated Files. Storage files are files that you are directly storing in the file hub. You can upload things like PDFs, images, word documents, etc. Integrated files are files that are used and uploaded within the campaign itself, like when you upload a character or map image. You can manage your storage by clicking into the Storage File List or the Integrated File List. This will give you a list of your files and their file size so you can determine what may need removed or reduced.

Store files for you and your players in the File Hub Chronica File Hub main screen
See where your storage is being used in the integrated files screen Chronica File Hub - Integrated Files screen