15.0 Places

Places are available on any paid subscription tier. Create places that are part of your game world in order to track additional story information.

  1. Places can be nested in one another, allowing you to track points of interest from whole worlds down to your favorite inn.
  2. Places can be marked secret, which will also automatically hide all places nested within from your players, so you can continue world-building behind the scenes.

Once in your campaign, click on Places in the left navigation. The card view shows all of your top-level places. You can view the complete list of places, with nesting, if you click the gray "Table View" button at the top.

Click the blue "Explore Place" button on one of your place cards to go to that profile.

If you downgrade from a paid tier, your places remain intact, but are not accessible unless on a paid tier.

Track places and worldbuilding in your tabletop campaign Chronica places main screen

15.1 Creating & Editing Places

Content coming soon.

15.2 Place Profiles

The place profile pages use various cards to organize data into sections, similar to character profiles. Use the green "Edit Place" button in the top right to make changes, or click the gray "Back to Places" button to return to the main list of places.

The floating white bar along the top is used as a breadcrumb nav. As you delve further down into nested places, this nav populates with the path back up to the root.

The first panel on the left contains the header image, place name, and location. If you have other objects around Chronica linked to this place (map tiles, cities, etc) those links will appear here in a list. Finally you will see your description, notes, and GM secrets.

The second panel on the left lists out any Encounters that are linked to this place. This is only visible by GMs, and is useful for jumping right into an encounter while your players are exploring.

The top right panel lists out direct descendants of this place. For example, if you are on a city profile you could see various inns, taverns, and shops as descendants. You will be able to see in parentheses if any of the places in the list have descendants themselves. The small green "Add Place" button will allow you to create a new place for this list.

Below that you can find the Characters list. You can create connections between characters and places to show where they may live, work, etc. Click the small green "Add Character" button to create a connection to an existing character. You will also be able to add notes regarding that connection.

Track all sorts of information for your campaign places Place profile screen