10.3 Adventure Note Folders
10.0 Adventure Notes 10.3 Adventure Note Folders

There are two types of folders for adventure notes: "Global Folders" and "Personal Folders".

Global Folders can only be created by Game Masters and are available for anyone in the campaign to use for organization. Please note, folders do not affect individual settings on Adventure Notes: private notes are still private, and public notes are still public.

Personal Folders are only usable by yourself for organizing. If you are not a GM, folders you create are automatically put under Personal Folders. Other players can click into your folders, but will only see posts that are public.

If you need to edit your folders, click the blue "Manage Folders" button in the Note Folders panel on the left of the main adventure notes page. This page gives you access to sort, edit, or delete your folders. If you delete a folder, any posts inside will remain safe, they will just be removed from the folder.

Manage your adventure note folders on Chronica Manage adventure note folders screen