12.1 Creating & Editing Characters
12.0 NPC & Player Codex 12.1 Creating & Editing Characters
Create a Character

To create an NPC or PC, go to either codex page in the left navigation of your campaign, and click the green "New Character" button in the top right.

The character form is quite large, but only fill out the information you need or want for your gameplay style.

Enter a Name in the first field. Select a Gender in the next field, if applicable. If you select "Other", you can write in your own option.

The Status dropdown allows you to select the current known status of the character to track things like death, missing, or imprisoned, etc.

Game Master Settings

If you are a Game Master, you will see the next section of options which allow you to choose an NPC Folder to put the character in (if an NPC), a Profile Template, and whether or not to mark the character Secret. If the character is marked secret, but is assigned to a player, it will still be visible at this time. The secret toggle currently only applies to NPCs.

Main Card Stats

This section contains the data inputs for the main character card stats.These stats are what you can see when you flip the cards on the NPC Codex. They also display on the large Player Codex cards. The labels are preset to stats that are widely used, but you can change these by creating a Profile Template, filling in the override boxes, and then assigning that profile template to the character.

Character Stats

If you have stats created under the Character Stats Admin, you will see those stat types show up here. By clicking each panel, it will expand to show the inputs and allow you to edit them.

Character Bio and Notes

This section gives you two main rich text editors to enter a Description and Notes. If you are a Game Master, you will see a third editor for GM Secrets. If this character has been saved as a PC, you will see an additional box labeled Personal Secrets. This can be used by the owner of the PC to save information that only they and the GMs have access to.

Select an Image

You can either select an image from the Image Library or upload your own. If you have an uploaded image, it will override the library selection. To use your library selection, remove the uploaded image by selecting the Remove Image checkbox and updating the character. The image library is available on Knight, Monarch, and Deity tiers.

Assigning a Player

If this character belongs to a player, select them in the Player dropdown of this section. Game Master's can assign characters to any player. A player will only see their own name in this box. The Special Label dropdown can be used to label the character for further identification.

The Special Label dropdown can also be used to mark a "Controlled NPC". This is an NPC that needs to be controlled by a Player in order to track their inventory or wealth. Controlled NPCs show up in their own folder on the NPC Codex.

Edit and track player character and NPC data on Chronica Chronica edit character screen