22.1 Creating & Editing an Event
22.0 Events & Attendance 22.1 Creating & Editing an Event
Creating an Event

Anyone in the campaign can create an event. Click the green "New Event" button in the top right of the Current Events page. Only the event creator, event host (if selected) and Game Masters will be able to edit the event.

Editing an Event

To edit an event, on the Current Events page, click the green "Edit" button in the footer of the event card. You can also edit an event on the event details page by clicking the green "Edit Event" button in the top right.

Form Details

Give your event a name for easy identification. If left blank, it will default to 'Game Session'. The event creator displays the user who made the event, this cannot be changed. You can also add a location and select an event host using the dropdown. The event host will be able to edit the event and player attendance.

Set the event date and time in the next section of the form. Enter a time zone if your players are located in different parts of the world.

Add a description and Game Master secrets to your event for reference.

Finally, you can link your event to posts in your Adventure Journal. This is useful if you write session recaps or have extra notes that coincide with the event.

Click the blue "Create" or "Update Event" button at the bottom to save your changes.

Create or edit events on Chronica to track game sessions Create / edit event form