13.7 Kinship Folders
13.0 Kinships 13.7 Kinship Folders

If you are a Game Master, you will see a blue "Manage Folders" button at the top of the main kinships screen. Click this to see a list of all kinship folders in a table. To add a new folder, click the green "New Folder" button in the upper right. Use the green "Edit Folder" in the table to edit a folder.

You can sort your folders by drag-and-dropping the handle icon in the left of the table. The order is saved as soon as you move a table row.

If the name of the folder has a small eye icon next to it, that means that folder is secret and hidden from players on the main screen. Note: Kinships within a secret folder will be hidden on the kinships screen, but to make them truly secret across the campaign you need to mark the individual kinship as secret.

Create folders to organize your kinships in Chronica Manage kinship folders screen
Create or edit folders to organize your kinships on Chronica Create / edit kinship folders modal