13.1 View Kinship Details
13.0 Kinships 13.1 View Kinship Details

To view all the details of a kinship, click the blue "Explore Kinship" button on one of the kinship cards.

The kinship profile contains a number of different panels. The top left panel contains the Image, Name, Type, and Location. If you have any Kinship Stats created, you will see stat boxes to the right.

There are three tabs on this profile page, each of which is explained in further detail below:

Information Tab

The information tab gives you a good overview of the main kinship information. You will see the Description, Notes, Ranks, Kinship Vault, and GM Secrets here. For more information on Ranks and Kinship Vault, see below.

Kinship Vault

This panel is only visible to Game Masters, KinshipKeepers, the Kinship Owner, or ranking members. It works similar to your player wealth tracking. You must have an owner assigned to the kinship to see the vault. Assign one by editing the Kinship.

The Kinship Owner can click the small green "Edit Wealth" button to edit the vault wealth as needed. Click the small blue "Wealth Log" button to view the full log, though the last few lines of the log display within the panel.

Ranking Members only have access to the small orange "Deposit" button. This pulls automatically from the selected wealth (selected player or character) and adds it to the kinship.

If there is no cache created yet, you will see an orange button in this panel to do so. To view the Kinship Cache, click on the cache name. If the treasure icon is green, there is money waiting in the till. You can click the icon to go directly to the till to withdraw it. For more information, see the section below: Kinship Cache.

Ranking Members Tab

See section below: Kinship Ranks

Connections Tab

See section below: Kinship Connections

View the full kinship profile to see information, ranks, vault, and more Kinship profile screen