18.1 Creating & Editing Shops
18.0 Campaign Shops 18.1 Creating & Editing Shops

If you are a Game Master or have ShopKeeper admin, you will see a green "New Shop" button at the top of the main page. To edit a shop, click the small green "Edit Shop" button in your shop cards.

Once on the form page, start by giving your shop a name. The next toggle, "Closed?", allows you to close the shop, which will hide the inventory from your players. If you are a GM, you will also see a "Secret?" toggle, which allows you to completely hide a shop from players.

The next section of the form allows you to set a shop owner. If you select a Shop Owner in the dropdown, that character will appear on the shop front for extra flavor and story. The dropdown pulls characters from both the NPC and Character codexes.

Give the shop owner a title, if applicable, or it will default to "Shop Owner". You can also add a quote for them which will be visible by clicking their shop keeper avatar.

You can add a description to your shop using the text editor. The description will appear below the header image on the shop front page. Finally, you can upload a custom header image that will display like a banner across the top. Landscape orientation works best. File size limit of 6MB. Recommended dimensions are about 1100x300px.

Create or edit your tabletop campaign shops Create / edit Campaign Shop form