18.2 Shop Items & Containers
18.0 Campaign Shops 18.2 Shop Items & Containers

Clicking into a shop will give you access to the inventory. You can add items to your shop by clicking the green "Add Item" button in the top right. Creating and editing items works just the same as it does in inventories. If you need more information, see the Items & Inventory part of the guide. You can add containers to shops just like regular inventories, which is useful for organizing items into categories. Click and drag to sort items as needed.

The main difference for shop items is the "Value" input becomes the price of the item. You will also need to add a number to the item quantity if you want players to be able to purchase it. By adding a value and quantity to the item, your players can click the orange "Buy" button to purchase. Please note: Currencies must be set up for the "Buy" button to appear.

When players purchase items in the shop, they will be able to edit the total payment before finalizing the purchase. This allows for player haggling without having to edit the item value. You can track purchases in the log on the Shop till page. Once purchased, items will automatically be added to the buyer's inventory and wealth will be removed from their funds.

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