7.2 Editing Player Wealth
7.0 Player Dashboard 7.2 Editing Player Wealth

The top panel of the Player Dashboard page contains your Player Wealth. If you need to track wealth or inventory for more than one character, see Character Ownerships.

The blue "Wealth Log" button will show you a complete log of your transactions to see where your money is going on each character.

Click the green "Edit Wealth" button to open the Edit Player Wealth modal. Note: Your GM must set up currencies before this feature is usable.

If you are tracking wealth for more than one character, you will see a "Select:" bar at the top, allowing you to select which character's wealth to view. Whichever character is currently selected is the one that will be edited when you click the green "Edit Wealth" button.

At the bottom of this panel shows the last few lines of the associated Wealth Log. This gives you a quick insight to your latest transactions.

Edit Wealth Modal Window

Adding to your wealth will automatically convert the currency into the highest denominations. (if 10 silver is equal to 1 gold and you add 20 silver, it will convert to display 2 gold) This is because your wealth is stored in Chronica as a single value.

Enter numbers (preface the number with a minus sign to subtract) and click the blue "Update Wealth" button to save.

Edit and track player and character wealth on Chronica Edit player and character wealth panel
Edit and track your player and character wealth on Chronica Chronica Edit Player or Character Wealth modal