7.3 Player Inventory
7.0 Player Dashboard 7.3 Player Inventory

Your player inventory is used to track personal items across your characters. You and the GM both have access to your player inventory. If you sell an item in your inventory, the funds will be deposited into your own wealth.

Click the blue "View Inventory" button in the panel to see the full view of all items and containers. Use the green "Add Item" or "Quick-add Multiple Items" buttons to add items from your Player Dashboard screen. This can also be done in the main inventory screen.

The quick-add modal is a condensed form that allows you to record up to five items at once. This is useful if the GM is reading loot quickly, and you want to add items to identify later.

For more in depth information about managing an inventory and items, see the Items & Inventory section of the guide.

Preview your inventory from your player dashboard Player inventory preview panel