9.1 Inventory Containers
9.0 Items & Inventory 9.1 Inventory Containers

Containers help organize your items within an inventory or shop.

Adding a Container

To add a container, click the green "New Container" button at the top of any inventory or shop. Give it a name and select an image to use as the icon. Entering a number in the order box denotes how the containers will display within the inventory. If you are a GM, you can make a container secret, which will hide it from players (even if it is within their player inventory). Click the blue "Create Container" button when you are done.

Editing a Container

To edit a container, click the small green "Edit Container" button to the far right of the container title on the inventory page.

Adding Items to Containers

There is a small green "Add Item" button to the far right of the container title on the inventory pages. You can also select the container in the Container dropdown on the item form. Using the "Add Item" button next to the container will automatically fill the dropdown for you.

Transfer a Container

You can also move an entire container of items at once by clicking the small orange "Transfer" button in the top bar of the corresponding container. This allows you to quickly move a set of items all together to another player or shop, etc.

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