6.5.1 Player Admin Roles
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There are various admin permissions you can assign to your players, read more about them below. You can select multiple roles per person.

Game Master

If you assign someone as a Game Master, they automatically gain all other admin permissions and have access to everything in the campaign, including secrets. They cannot see or edit the campaign subscription settings, or delete the campaign. Only the Game Owner can do those things.


Grants access to inventories, dashboards, and wealth logs of other players in the campaign, inlcuding the GMs. They will be able to view, add, and edit items and containers, but not edit wealth or see personal notes or links. Cannot see GM secrets.


Grants access to create and edit all public Maps and Places, including adding and editing map Tiles. Cannot see GM secrets.

City Planner

Grants access to create and edit all Kingdom Building tools including public Cities, Districts, and Plots. Cannot see GM secrets.


Grants access to create Developments, and edit any Developments they are the author of. Cannot see GM secrets.

Item Librarian

Grants access to add or edit items, containers, and folders within the Item Library. Cannot see GM secrets.

Kinship Keeper

Grants access to create and edit public Kinships and Kinship Stats, regardless of ownership or character rankings. Assigning a Kinship Owner will grant a player access to edit that kinship without this admin. Cannot see GM secrets.


Grants access to create and edit public quests in the Quest Log, characters in the NPC Codex, and Character Stats & Abilities. Cannot see GM secrets.


Grants access to create player-owned Campaign Shops. Players will only have access to their own shops. *Items sold in their shops will deposit wealth into a shop till that they have access to transfer to their personal wealth. Campaign shops are available on any paid tier.